Does Your Business Need Help Figuring Out The Marketing Puzzle?

Small business is tough enough as it is in this day and age of the online world and instant gratification. Now you can assemble the pieces of the online and offline marketing puzzle without the headaches and stress. Gain access here to consultants and professionals who will help you figure out the best ways to attract, connect and convert your target market into sales, revenues and repeat business.
      Satisfaction 100% Guranteed.

Why Is Small Biz Mechanix The Best Choice for Helping You and Your Company?

Besides being small business veterans with experience in all areas of retail, wholesale, marketing & advertising online and offline - Here are 3 More Reasons For You to consider!
  • Simple

    We believe in keeping consulting simple so you can get answers, see results, and avoid information overload. All you need to do is click the link on this page and let the journey begin.
  • Affordable

    Why spend money you don’t have to on marketing and advertising that doesn’t work? Our consulting is very affordable with hourly rates that even the smallest of businesses can afford. Plus there’s a Risk FREE 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all consulting services.
  • Time Tested

    Eliminating the guesswork is accomplished through time tested principals, and over 30 years of combined experience working in small business, advertising and marketing - online & offline.
In our personalized consulting and services, we provide telephone, virtual, or live consultation in one-hour increments. During these consulting sessions we can work on anything you want and need to cover including: Content Creation & Planning * Sales Funnel Analysis * Business Development * Real World Analysis of What Actually Works Online and What Doesn't * Web Page Improvements * Landing Page Copy and Creative * Email Marketing – Campaign Strategies and Tactics * Subscriber Acquisition through Online Lead Generation * Direct Response Marketing Strategy & Tactics * Copywriting and Copyediting of Existing or New Marketing Materials * Development of Your Online Strategy so that it works with Your Existing Marketing and Not Against It * Offline Media Analysis and Integration with Online Campaigns * Social Media Strategy & Tactics * Mobile Marketing * Ad Copy Critique and Creation * Marketing Blueprints/Plans * Business Operations * Video Creation

Watch this Video to Learn more about Small Biz Mechanix Consulting & Services...

If you are looking for results and want to eliminate guesswork having to do with your marketing, advertising, sales and operations - then you've come to the right place.

What Our Clients are Saying...

Need more proof of why Small Biz Mechanix is the right firm to help you in your small business or organization?
  • “Dave is truly one of the best content creators I have worked with. His constant creative energy and business sense has given the West Plains Chamber a true boost that made our transition phase much easier. I would highly recommend Dave if you are searching for that unique marketing or customer outreach piece. Also, on a personal level, Dave is one of the most rock solid people you will meet!”
    Joe Jackson - Executive Director
    West Plains Chamber of Commerce
  • “I have a small business, but I really believe that after Dave is done with it, it’s going to be much more successful.  He has given me specific ideas on how to improve my use of social media.  When we meet, Dave listens to my thoughts, provides ideas and I feel very confident in his skills and his business, Small Biz Mechanix. My sincere appreciation to Dave and his staff. I’m looking forward to the future.”
    Claudia Rumwell- RN, Speaker & Author
    The Senior Care Organizer
  • “Dave is amazing at what he does and very efficient. He has never disappointed and is always lived up to or exceeded expectations. I would recommend his company Small Biz Mechanix to anyone that needs his services.”
    Eddie Heinen - Pro Golf Instructor
    Blue Ribbon Golf & PNP Golf USA
  • “I find David Krygier to be the consumate professional. He has the inate ability to get a firm grasp of the task at hand and develop a working strategy. His live & phone consulting has helped us better define and work on specific areas in our business.”
    Paul Darafeev - COO
    Mikhail Darafeev Inc.

Contact Small Biz Mechanix Today!

By Contacting Us today, you'll find out how we can best serve you in your small business or organization. If You prefer the telephone - Call our office in Spokane at  509.590.0629 or in Arizona at  480.935.9005.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • How much does the consulting cost?
    Consulting by Small Biz Mechanix can be had for as little as $250. But each and every business has different needs and requirements, so prices vary depending upon these and the amount of time required.  

    When can the consultant get started?
    Depending on your needs accessment a consultant may be able to start working with you within 10 to 15 business days. This time frame is an estimate based on the consultant's current availability and the format chosen for consulting - virtual, phone or live - in person.

    Who will our consultant be?
    After a needs accessment has been submitted, our principal and primary consultant Dave Krygier will determine which consultant is the best fit for your business. In most cases it will be Dave himself, and in other cases a certain consultant may be a better fit for your practice, clinic, company or business.

    If we need more than consulting do you offer other services? 
    In addition to consulting SBM also offers our full-service menu of  “Done For You Services” for web, broadcast, digital and print. Some of these services include creative & art direction, graphic design, website fixes, video editing and production, copywriting, content creation, radio & TV commercial production, jingles, email marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

  • What will the consultant cover with us?
    This all depends on what your priorities are, your budget and how many things need to be worked on in your particular business or organization. Refer to the list above on this page for a list of items that we currently consult on.

    Why should we choose the consultants at Small Biz Mechanix to work with us in our business?  
    Our team is lead by a 30-year small business veteran who has a very broad range of areas he has worked in all having to do with small business. A list of the current areas he works in can be seen above on this page.

    Do you only work with small businesses?
    At Small Biz Mechanix we mostly work with small businesses, but at times do work with organizations, non-profits and larger companies. Our experience covers retail, wholesale, service industries like HVAC and restaurants, and manufacturing. In addition, we have extensive experience in online marketing, traditional marketing, advertising and business operations.
  • How much do your services cost? 
  • SBM and DMK Productions(sister company) offer a wide range of done for you services. Many of these start for a little as $50 an hour or $150 per month. It all depends on your needs and the results that you want. Call the SBM office for more information.