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About Us

Small Biz Mechanix is a consulting, content creation and direct response marketing firm that works with small businesses and organizations to attract, capture and connect with their target markets both on and off the web. We do this three different ways:

#1.  We help these enterprises create compelling content that tells their stories, experiences, testimonials and news pertaining to their particular products, services & information. Our team utilizes video, images, audio and words (supportive text) to create the content. Then we compile, edit and produce the content so it can be shared on a client’s website, social media pages, blogs, emails, video channels, and any other online or offline channels that they choose.

#2. We create copy(text) and creative elements (images, graphics, photos, video and audio) that are designed for clients to get their viewer or listener to take an action or what we refer to as response. This is what we refer to as direct response marketing.

#3. We provide a consulting service for small businesses that need help and assistance when it comes to the areas of content creation, online and offline marketing.

For more information about our principal and creative director – Visit his LinkedIn profile. For more information about what our clients past and present have to say – Click Here.

To see how we can help your business or organization – Contact Us – here and we’ll start the conversation.