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Revealed – How a Little Known Billiards & Recreation Store in the Pacific Northwest Created $900 Per Foot in Sales and
Made the Brunswick Billiards Top 20…

Dear Fellow Billiards & Gameroom Business Owner,

Has your billiards, game room, and casual dining business been struggling since 2001 or 2008?  Have sales been like riding on a roller coaster with extreme ups and downs?

Has Marketing Online been a big pain in the you know what with the phone ringing all the time with people promising you page one results and better search rankings?

Would You Like to Eliminate the Guesswork when it comes to Marketing & Advertising offline and online? Want to know how you can increase sales and repeat business in your Billiards and Game room business without any additional traditional advertising?

Have oversees imports been a blessing and a curse to your company at the same time? While competitors and online companies eat your lunch and kill your margins?

Want to learn how to diversify your business so you avoid the seasonal ups and downs?

Would Your Indoor Recreation Business Look Totally Different Tomorrow if You Increased Sales by Just 10% this next month?

Want to make 2016 the best year you’ve had yet and take a two week vacation without having to worry if your sales and service crews can handle the work?

How would it feel to sleep better at night knowing that your store is operating at 100% capacity, and your customers are so satisfied that they refer you business all the time.

If you answered yes to any of the above and the words on the page are ringing true in your mind right now… Then open up your mind and read on for a few more minutes. I promise it will be worth it. Because if You Display and Sell pool tables, barstools, game tables, foosball, air hockey, casual dining, darts, spas and pools at your store, then you’ll want to know more about what I have to offer you.

Here’s a Sampling of What You’ll Have Access to:

check-blue2 Discover the Power of Diversification to Dominate Niches
check-blue2 3 Ways You can grow Your Retail Billiards & Gameroom Store Traffic
check-blue2 How to Retain Customers and Get them to Come back again and again…
check-blue2 3 Simple Ways to Track All of Your Advertising ( including print, tv & direct mail) check-blue2 How to Attract the Right Prospects who Are In the Market for Your Products
check-blue2 Learn the Best Tactics to Get Your Existing Customers to be Your Best Fans
check-blue2 Tips on How to Take Advantage of the Mobile Marketing Boom
check-blue2 A Simple Formula for Developing Repeat & Referral Business
check-blue2 How You Can Combine Offline & Online Marketing to Bring in More Customers
check-blue2 The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Do with Your Advertising
check-blue2 A Surprising Solution to Creating Simple Affordable Videos
check-blue2 How PR Can Help Increase Your Market Exposure and Build Your Brand

So Who Am I and Why Should You Consider Anything That I am Offering to You?

As a fellow pool table & game room retailer and marketing professional for over 30 years, I understand where you are coming from and what you have been going through. For 12 years full-time and 3 years part-time I worked in sales and as the general manager, giving 6 to 7 days a week to our pool table and indoor recreation company - AAA Pool Tables & Games.


Here’s a shortlist of my accomplishments while at AAA Pool Tables & Games Inc. in Woodinville, WA:

• #1 Brunswick Dealer in the NW- actually made the top 20 dealers and went to Florida with John Stransky, Dave Young and the gang.
• #1 Dealer for Mikhail Darafeev in Washington. Plus Greg Mills and I helped the Darafeev brothers develop their original spectator stool – which was presented to Brunswick at the BCA show.
• One of the first dealers on the web in 1995 in the billiards and pool table category.
• Held page one rankings on the search engines from 1995 to 2001.
• First dealer to fully test the Brunswick Pioneer Slatec Pool Table in a rental fleet.
• First dealer in the Pacific NW to offer a fully functional rental fleet of quality game room products for corporate and residential use.
• Jim Bakula (VP & GM of Brunswick Billiards) flew me back to Bristol for a dealer meeting and then actually offered me job!
• Brokered the manufacturing of the Brunswick Jewel with Adler Pool Tables.
• One of the first dealers to implement the Brunswick Factory Sales Events. (I actually flew to one of the first ones in Southern California in 1994 when Raef & Ricky from O&G Consulting were getting started).     A special thanks to those two gentlemen. They really helped us.
And the list goes on and on and on.

Here's what some people inside the Billiard Industry have to say about working with me and reading one of my latest books, Secrets of The Tiny Store®.

“Dave was a very successful general manager for AAA Pool Tables & Games. When I was a territory sales manager for Brunswick Billiards, Dave was one of my best dealers on the west coast. We worked several very successful week end sale events. Dave was very aggressive in his promoting of AAA Pool Tables & Games and ran a very profitable operation.”
Dave Young - Former Brunswick Billiards Territory Manager (via Linked In)       

“I find David Krygier to be the consumate professional. He has the inate ability to get a firm grasp of the task at hand and develop a working strategy. His live and phone consulting has helped us to better define and work on specific areas in our business.” 
Paul Darafeev - Mikhail Darafeev, Inc.

“One of the best written and most intelligent ‘Small Business Help’ books I have come across. A thorough explanation of a successful business model which I personally witnessed and profited from. The hard won, tried and true Secrets of The Tiny Store® are methodically and carefully revealed, and can work for anyone who wants to apply them!”
Doug Stambaugh - Former VP IM David Furniture, Independent
Sales Rep., 44 Years Experience in the Furniture Industry

A New Chapter…

AAA Pool Tables & Games Inc. was sold in the fall of 2001. A matter a fact, I was supposed to fly to Brunswick on 9/11 to get their blessing, but we never got off the ground. April (my mother), then went onto retire and since early 2002 I’ve worked as a creative and marketing consultant, plus ran and grew a multi-million dollar territory for a 100-plus year old high-end American Furniture company.

After the time that the business was sold I attempted to work with three different billiards dealers, but they turned out to be hard headed and know it alls. Two of them are now out of business and I don’t know about the third.

So I turned off the billiards, recreation and game room biz and went in an entirely different direction. Biz dev and marketing are in my blood, so I pursued and worked with small businesses and another ad agency.

I was wearing alot of hats - marketing & business development consultant, broadcast commercial producer, jingle writer and all the creative that I had been doing since 1987. But something just didn’t seem right. It was as if there was something missing. Until the day that I came up with the idea of sharing what we did with other business owners outside the billiards, casual dining and indoor recreation industries.

Sooo - Here’s the Good News for You - The Billiards & Gameroom Retailer...

"The proof was in the sales at the Tiny Store, but the formula was never revealed until now."

Watch This Special Video To Learn More...

The bottom line is that we generated hundreds and hundreds of dollars per square feet in retail sales and I never shared how we did it. We sold pool tables, air hockey, foosball, barstools and other gameroom products all over the USA, and even to Australia and Holland. It was a secret that other billiards retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and reps couldn’t figure out when they visited our showroom and warehouse, and met with us at the BCA show.

Now a lot of water has gone underneath the bridge since 2001. Yeh - I get that, and that’s why I’m finally revealing what we did and how it can help your billiards, gameroom and casual dining business today.

After 14 years I’m sharing what made our Woodinville, Washington store so successful in the world of Retail, Service, & Rentals – online and offline. The Entire Enchilada. Not only am I going to share this with you, but it’s been Updated to Today’s Web-Based Marketing, along with real world tactics and strategies to help you connect with today’s customer.

I will share what I did, how I did it and how you can do it too, but in today’s marketplace. Plus I’ll share What is Working Right Now On and Off the Web and how you as a billiards/game room retailer or wholesaler can take advantage of it.

What’s so unique about this information is that it was cultivated over 15 years in a billiards, barstools and game room business just like yours! It’s NOT some off the shelf product or service that some industry outsider created. It’s taylor made for you if you currently work in or own a billiards, barstool or game room retail store(s), service company, manufacturing operation or wholesale distribution company.

And you can Get Access to all of this information for less than a $100 bill.

I mean, what billiards business owner or manager wouldn’t want this kind of information for Less than a Hundred $$$ Bucks? That’s what many people will pay for a dinner for two!

Plus You’ll Receive Several Bonuses that I’m offering for a Limited Time, and you can get access to them once you receive your copy of Secrets of The Tiny Store.

All you need to do is Get Your Copy of Secrets of The Tiny Store®  today and you’ll be on your way to increasing your store traffic, sales and repeat business.