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How to Use Social Media to Increase Business in Your Restaurant

How to Use Social Media to Increase Business in Your Restaurant…

No matter which question you ask, “how to market a restaurant online or how to use social media to increase  business in your restaurant,” my answer will be the same – “people are people and you need to attract and connect with them.”

Online or offline, connecting with your customer is the key to growing your restaurant business and social media is one of the fastest ways to do this.

In my previous article Secrets of Restaurant Marketing  on Click and Mortar Blog, I mentioned the foundation of service and training of your managers and staff. This foundation needs to be in place if you intend on making the most of the social channels and citation sites available as of this writing. So always keep this in mind, because if your foundation has a crack in it or is falling apart, it’s really difficult to build on and you’ll find yourself in repair mode on a constant basis.

Having a Solid Foundation in your restaurant business means that service, food, operations and finance must all be dialed in and on the same page before any serious marketing and advertising is put in play.

Today you have so many online options and I see lots of restaurants, coffee shops and bistros using Facebook and some even list Twitter, but is it really working to bring in new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more?  It’s one thing to post on a wall and send a tweet now and then, but it’s entirely another to really connect and build momentum. This strategy I am writing about boils down to bringing in new and repeat business to your restaurant, coffee shop or bistro.

Look – just simply posting on Twitter and having tens of thousands of followers doesn’t mean that you’ll make a dime. You have to monetize your efforts through your customers and really what you need is repeat customers that become raving fans which creates referrals.

5 Tips You can Use Today to Increase Business in Your Restaurant:

  1. Read my Article about Secrets to Restaurant Marketing, and make sure your foundation is in place. If it’s cracked or broken, then fix it!
  2. Utilize Mobile Marketing to boost your efforts, better connect and help drive traffic.
  3. Expand your Horizons and offer reviews on many different citation sites, like Yelp, Yahoo and Urbanspoon.
  4. Track your Results by using both manual and electronic methods.
  5. Survey and ask your Patrons what they like and don’t like. And ask them what you can do to earn their patronage? Give them something for referring you a new customer. Whatever it is, make sure it has some value that shows your appreciation.

In closing – Connect, Connect, Connect…It’s all about the connection and delivering on the food and service. Deliver good to great food, good to great service and people will yak about yer establishment to their friends, family, relatives and co-workers.

So go setup your foundation of great food & service and then have your customers spread the word both online and offline for other hungry prospects to see.

And then if you really want to grow and take your establishment to the next level, sprinkle some of “Dave’s Secret Marketing Sauce” on your offline and online activities and watch what happens…

This way you won’t have to guess your way through the online social media maze.

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