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Increase Sales In Your Business with this Simple Question

In a recent meeting with a client we were discussing his online reviews and during the conversation the phone rang several times and he had to answer it. That’s when the lightbulb went off and I thought – ‘he could increase sales with a simple question.’

So while he was on the phone I whispered to him “How did they find you?”

He then asked the caller and found out that the customer calling was from a referral. But he didn’t ask the next question which is this – “who referred you to us?”

As simple as it may seem and it really is simple – this simple question can be one that helps you determine which sources of advertising are working and which ones are not.

I know this from utilizing this instant survey for several years in one of my businesses and the results were astounding. In many cases the caller or searcher used several online and offline channels to find us.

How to Increase Sales with this Simple Question

If you are going to really increase sales with this simple question like, “how did you find us, “ you’ll neeed to make it habit and this takes a week to 21 days.

Consistently ask your callers and searchers how they found you and then dig a little deeper by asking at least one more question to find out more specific information. By doing this you will be able to determine how and where your caller found your business and if there was a secondary channel involved.

Many times the secondary channel might be the one that is the sales driver.

Do you see how simple this is? The tough part is making it a habit on a daily basis. At least this was the toughest part for the staff at our business.

For me it was easy. I had a desire to find out where people were coming from and what was working. This would save us money in the long haul. For the staff it was just one more task that they had to do.

The key here is to keep it simple and make it easy for you and your staff to ask the questions and collect the pertinent information that will help you increase sales.

You increase sales in your business by asking specific questions and by starting the relationship off on the right foot. Find out what the prospect really wants. These questions should be ones that you have pre-determined and have trained your staff to ask each and every new prospect that comes in contact with your business.

The ‘how did you find us’ question is the first in a series of questions that leads to another question and so on and so on.

To increase sales with a simple question like “how did you find out about us,” make sure to put a little reminder by each phone and computer. This way you will remember to ask, and your sales should improve as you get better at asking the questions.

At the end of the day the survey results you accumulate each and every week will help you refine your marketing, then you’ll be able to target and attract more qualified buyers. Thus you will increase sales and hopefully be able to take more vacations with  your spouse and family.

To your success,

Dave Krygier

PS – the Secret to Increase Sales with this one simple question, “how did you find us,” is to ask it at each and every opportunity that comes your way. The more you ask, the more shall receive. If you want the entire list of questions to ask your inbound callers – Ring Me Up by calling the number on our contact page.