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Services by Small Biz Mechanix

Content Blueprints & Outlines

Every small business that is going to create content for the online world needs a content blueprint so they can stay focused and on track. Without a content blueprint you may be groping around in the dark and get frustrated pulling your hair out while your competitors pass you by and increase their sales.

At Small Biz Mechanix we supply you with a content blueprint and outline plus the optional done for you services to get all of the work done.

Content Creation

Experience the Power of Online Marketing with your own customized videos, audios, music, photos, images, emails and written content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The team here at Small Biz Mechanix does all the work for you. We Create, Direct, Record, Produce, Write, Edit, Upload, Distribute and Repurpose your content so you can attract, capture, and convert new prospects into customers, clients or patients. From creating articles and audios to creating videos, photos and emails, you make the decision about which kind of content you want created.

Maybe it’s Creating Two Videos per month or Two Videos per week.

Maybe you need a drip email campaign for new prospects or monthly newsletter to keep your subscribers and clients updated.

Whatever the quantity, we will work within your budget and make sure that the content is relevant and up to your quality standards. You can choose how much content you want to have published online and what you want to repurpose. Then we get to work and build out custom content that is designed just for your small business.

Here are some of the Benefits to Having Custom Content Created for Your Small Business:

  • Drive more Targeted, Quality Traffic that You can Convert to Buyers
  • Increase Online Exposure with Quality Custom Content
  • Promote Your Business or Organization through a variety of Online Channels
  • Eliminate the Headache of having to come up with content for your web pages & social media channels on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Build Credibility and Exposure with New Prospects and Existing Clients
  • Client Branding Elements included in all videos and written content
  • Ability to Repurpose Content thru Online and Offline Marketing Channels

        Content creation packages currently range from $795 to $4995 per month. Half day and Full Day video/photo still capture rates range from $495 to $1995. Email content writing and campaigns start at just $495. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. Call or Email to confirm and get your questions answered.

Copywriting & Creative for Direct Response Marketing

This specialty service is provided by our founder and content producer who has years of creative and copywriting experience. From radio commercials and email campaigns to landing pages, online videos, sales letters, advertorials and website copy – Dave will craft the message that attracts and connects you with your target market.  Then his design team will create the landing pages, emails, and/or digital and printed materials for publication. This specialized service is available by the hour or by the project.

If you are in need of copywriting or copyediting that is direct response marketing oriented, Contact Dave by filling in the form available on the Contact Us page of this site.

Consulting Options

“Work with Small Biz Mechanix to Supercharge Your Small Business or Organization in 2016”

Are you building a small business online but seem to be running into obstacles and stumbling blocks that are holding you back? Or are you just getting started in your business and need help figuring out how to put all the components together?

Maybe you’re in the process of transitioning your business to the web and need to filter through all the noise and just get it all done? I understand how you feel, because we’ve been there and done that in all of these situations. Online, offline and combination of both.

The thing is we did it the hard way – trial, error, research, testing, tracking, and more of the same.

And that’s why we created a consulting service for you the small business owner or manager. So you could have concise accurate information delivered to you without having to wade thru books, videos and manuals to find all of the information.

In our personal one-on-one consulting, we provide telephone, virtual or live consultation in one-hour increments and during these sessions we can work on anything you want to cover.

For Example:

  • Content plan dissection and improvement
  • Sales Funnel analysis
  • Business Development
  • Real world analysis of what actually works online and what is purely theoretical
  • Web Page Improvements
  • Landing Page Copy and Creative
  • Email Marketing – Campaign Strategies and Tactics
  • Subscriber Acquisition through online lead generation
  • Direct Response Marketing Strategy & Tactics
  • Copywriting and Copyediting of existing or new marketing materials
  • Development of your online strategy so that it works with your existing marketing and not against it.
  • Offline media analysis and integration with online campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy and Tactics
  • Content Creation
  • Ad Copy Critique and Creation
  • Marketing Plans

…and just about anything else having to do with small business sales and marketing.

Obviously we cannot guarantee any level of success on your part, only your own work ethic and the effort which you put into your business will impact your level of success and income levels. We will however guarantee the consulting that you pay for in that if you are not 100% completely satisfied with our service, the information that you receive, and work performed, we’ll refund your money within 48 business hours of any completed session.

We charge $250 per one hour of consulting, and require advance payment via IPN, Paypal or company check prior to the start of the first consultation.

To buy one hour of consulting for $250:


Once you have made the payment, we will be in contact with you to come up with a time that works well for both of us, and schedule the consulting.

For custom, specialized or long-term consulting packages – Call 509.590.0629
or Contact Us today.

We look forward to working with your personally to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact SmallBizMechanix Here