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Content Creation

Content creation is at the heart of every website, video channel, social media page, directory listing, blog, email and digital information product. Someone has to put the work in and do the content creation but which kind of content works best and on which channels?

Let’s face it, some people like to watch video while others prefer to listen, or read and glance at pictures and images. Yet other people like to be involved in a live, active, conversation. The thing is you don’t know which people like to read, which people like to watch, which ones like to listen and which ones like to converse. Thus your current content and the content creation you are doing right now may or may not be attracting and connecting you with your target market.

Content Creation for Your Small Business

If you really want to increase sales or develop new business, then what you need is the right mix of content that allows you to reach as many people (your buyers) as possible.  At Small Biz Mechanix we help you to create and produce this content. Plus we get the work done in a timely fashion due to our experience in creating, directing, producing, recording, writing, and placing content having to do with a small business just like yours. From email campaigns and autoresponders, web pages and landing pages, to blog posts, articles, videos, digital photos and audio messages.

Evergreen Content

Content creation is way more than just writing an article or email and placing an image that goes with it. Content created properly and optimized can become ‘Evergreen’ for months and even years, which means you don’t have to recreate it, or start from scratch.

Quality content published on different online channels can bring you and your small business or organization the kind of visitor who is looking to purchase your product, information or service. If distributed on the right channels and connected to your website and social media pages, you could see people coming your way for quite a long time.

Content Marketing

Unlike traditional offline or online ads that only run for a specific period of time and cost you per campaign, impression or click – Content marketing allows you a lot of flexibility. You can publish videos, audios, articles, images, and blog posts with the ability to connect with your target market via social media, other web channels and even email.

Creating decent content is only one side of the coin. Content marketing is what you need to distribute and promote your business to the people who are searching for what you have to offer.

Small Biz Mechanix Creates Quality Content You can Count On to be Relevant and Inline with your Marketing…

video production company & video creation service

content creation with the power of words

The Power of Words…

Written Text (Copy)
The Power of The Spoken Word
Photos & Images

Our content creation ‘Done for You Services’ take care of the video, photo stills, word smithing and audio recording to make sure that your vision becomes a reality and fits into your marketing plan and budget.

Once your content is ready go, then we will assist (if you need us to) with optimizing, posting & distributing that content. We’ll find the places where it will be seen by people who have interest in your products, services and/or information. If you have the staff or people to do the content posting and distribution, Small Biz Mechanix also provides hourly and project consulting to make your job easier and more efficient.

To find out more about how you can jump start your content creation and attract more clients, customers or patients with fresh, compelling content – Contact Us – today or Visit us on Vimeo. We’ll share how you can realistically start creating content in less than a couple of weeks, and start to see people come your way who want what you sell and service.