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Direct Response Marketing

The online world is vast and the marketing opportunities are many. Direct Response Marketing just helps you pinpoint and target your market so you don’t waste time and resources on marketing that doesn’t bring results.

Industry veteran Drayton Bird said it best, “Direct marketing is any ‘advertising’ activity which creates and exploits a direct relationship between you and your prospect or customer as an individual.” We’ll further expand on the way he uses the word ‘advertising’ and just say that other communications channels like public relations, news and social posting can also work within direct marketing parameter.

The beauty of direct response marketing is the ability to test just about everything. From headlines and subject lines to body copy, graphics, offers, photos, videos and much, much more. Testing can make the difference of a profitable campaign and business, or one that loses money. Combine Testing with Copywriting, Creative and Strategy that is designed to generate response, and ultimately you get conversion.

Here are some of the Direct Response Marketing avenues that Small Biz Mechanix can help you with:

–  Art Direction & Graphic Design
–  Copywriting
–  Email Messages & Campaigns
–  Local Search Listings
–  Online Ads (Text and Banners)
–  Offline Printed Material & Communications (letters, postcards, magazine ads)
–  Public Relations – (Campaigns, Press Releases & Communications)
–  Radio Ads & Jingles                                           

–  Scripts & Storyboards for Videos & Commercials
–  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Pay Per Click & Banner Ads
–  Social Media Posting, Promotion & Content Integration
–  Video Production (Animation, Slides, Live Capture & Editing)
–  Website Landing Pages

So if you want to know how your small business or organization can utilize direct response marketing to increase sales and revenues – Contact Us. We’ll connect live, via telephone or on Skype, and begin the journey to increasing your sales and delivering results.