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Video Creation Services

Here at Small Biz Mechanix one of the specialized services that we offer our clients is the video creation service. This particular service is a really good fit for those small businesses and organizations that are looking to attract and connect with new prospects & existing clients, or customers via online channels and email.

We can help you create a new video every week, if you are looking to dominate your niche, or we can customize a video production schedule to match your budget and marketing needs.

Video Creation Service by

Team Small Biz Mechanix provides live and virtual video production services to small businesses and organizations throughout the United States. From simple “Man on the Street” interview videos to puppets (see below), animated short videos and whiteboard scribe videos, we can help you tell the story and get your message across. We specialize in non fiction documentary footage, online infommercials, product demonstrations, product reviews, follow footage, behind the scenes, social shorts and interviews.

So when the time comes to attract, connect and communicate with your target market on and offline, take the next step with the Small Biz Mechanix video creation service and get started on your video journey by Contacting Us today. You’ll be glad you did and so will your new clients.

“PNP Golf – Point N Putt Putter – Video Produced by Small Biz Mechanix”

When it comes to putting and the game of golf, many a golfer struggles to put the little white ball into the cup on the green. In this video, PNP Golf shows how their Point n Putt putter can make the difference in making putts. And having seen and experienced this putter first hand on many different occasions, it really works – even for the newbie who has only played putt putt golf. Produced by Principal Dave Krygier and cameraman/editor Tim Danyo, this online video is one of four videos that Australian golf club manufacturer PNP Golf had Small Biz Mechanix create. US affiliate and pro golfer Eddie Heinen also played a major role in all four videos as the primary instructor and co-producer. 


“PNP Golf Rake Sand Wedge – Featuring Kathy G. Jensen – PGA 2014 Teacher of the Year”

Watch here as 2014 PGA Teacher of the Year Kathy G. Jensen and Pro Golfer Eddie Heinen hit out of the sand and demonstrate the PNP Golf Rake Sand Wedge. This video was number two of four online videos created and produced by the video creation service team at Small Biz Mechanix for Australian golf club manufacturer PNP Golf.


“Continue to Give – An Online Video Created & Produced by the Team at Small Biz Mechanix”

SBM created and produced this short whiteboard video for Wisconsin based client In addition to this video the Dave’s creative team also worked on one of Continue to Give’s landing pages and email campaign.


Which Type of Video is Best for Your Small Business?

When it comes to choosing and creating videos, which type of video is best for your small business? In this simple PowerPoint video you’ll learn about three options that can help you get started with video creation. And  if it all looks to complicated or you just need a ‘Done for you Video Creation Service’ – Contact Dave here at SBM and he’ll walk you through the steps to get started creating videos that attract your target market to you.


“Meet Mark the Puppet”

Want more than just simple animation for your promotional videos online? Consider having a puppet like Mark do the speaking for you and your product or service. There are several puppets to choose from when you have the video creation service at Small Biz Mechanix do the work for you. Plus, the puppets may be able to connect you with people in a way that only they can. So if your small business or organization is looking for a different method for attracting your target market – our video creation service can create a puppet video that will get the job done. All you need to do is make contact with Dave and he’ll take care of the rest.


“Oxarc Promo Video for Client Databar of Spokane”


“Love at Home Senior Care Intro Video”



“Auto Window Tinting Spokane Video Created by Small Biz Mechanix for Client Northwest Solar Protection”

Whiteboard videos are a great way to attract new prospects and customers to your small business and they are more affordable than ever before. That’s why Spokane Washington based SBM client Northwest Solar Protection brought in Dave, his whiteboard artist and a new voice talent to create and produce the above video.


“The Senior Care Organizer”

Sometimes what a business needs is a short and simple slide video, just like this one above that the team at Small Biz Mechanix produced for Portland, Oregon client Claudia Rumwell – The Senior Care Organizer. From simple and short 30 second slide shows to more complex and animated presentations, we can help you bring your vision to life with a custom slide video. Sound interesting? Then Contact Dave right now and he’ll go over all the details to create a slide video that’s within your budget, and has all the elements you need to attract, connect, communicate with the people you want to do business with.


For more information about how you can attract and connect with your target market online, Contact Us today here at Small Biz Mechanix. We’ll walk you through the many options currently available and show you how our video creation service can make a difference in your small business in the months and years to come.